Much more than landscapes:

Casas Grandes, Pazos, churches and monasteries, granaries and cortíns, castles and towers, petroglyphs, dolmens and Covas dos Mouros; Milestones, bridges, walls and Roman roads… And the landscape is clear, from the mountains to the beach, from the villages to the city, from the dunes to the forests; everything is part of what, who and how we are. It is more than heritage, more than landscape, it is our genetic inheritance and the reason for our idiosyncrasy.

The villa, the surroundings, the heritage…

O Castro, O Bosque dos Grobos, or Aciñeiral de Cruzul, Covas de Valdavara, or Parque da Carballeira, Foncova, A ponte do demo, Cadoalla, Penafurada, or Camiño da Antiga… names that sound like magic, legends, to “mouros”, who have music of their own, and who do not disappoint when they are imaged.

Come and discover his music.

“We always end up getting where they expect us.”

José Saramago