Ideas, suggestions, possibilities…

We are going to give you a few clues about things, places, and landscapes to get lost or find, to your liking. Even if you are on vacation, we know how important time is, so instead of distance, we apply that factor to our recommendations.

  We start with the most obvious and closest, our fairs. On the 3rd and 19th of each month, and of course, at Feira Do 12, always on the weekend closest to 12/12. The cattle, the octopus, the wine, the company, the vegetables and fruits, everything is mixed in a whirlpool of colors, smells, flavors and sounds that are as much ours as the air we breathe.

     In 5 minutes or less:   

The Santo Church, Carballeira Park, Penamaior Monastery, Cruzul Aciñeiral, Ouselle Church, Roman Via XIX, Grobos Magic Forest Valdavara´s Cave, Serra do Calamouco landscapes, Quintá-Rio Donsal Path. ..

In just 20 minutes or less:

O Cebreiro, Sarria, A Pobra de Navia de Suarna, Lugo and its walls, Doiras, O Castro de Santa María, A Ponte do Demo (As Pontes de Gatín) O Castro and Museum of Viladonga, A Church of Santo André das Nogais, Meira, and a long, long etcetera.

   At 1 hour, a little more or less:

The beaches of A Mariña, As Catedráis, Mondoñedo, A Coruña, O Bierzo, Monforte de Lemos, Portomarín… a thousand and one places that you will love.

    We are not the center of the world…

but we are close…

What are you waiting for?

Some interesting links:

“You say: Galicia is very small.

I tell you: Galicia is a world. Each part is as if it were a whole world.

PYou will be able to travel it in a short time from north to south, from east to west in the same way; you can go through it again, but you won’t be able to finish going through it. And, every time you walk through it, you will find new things and others you will miss.”

Vicente Risco: Leria (ensaio)