Os Ancares.

    O Cebreiro, Piornedo, Castelo de Doiras, As Pontes de Gatin, Penamaior, Torés… and countless other places, known or to be discovered.

    Place of traditions and legends, of nature and gastronomy, of tranquility and celebration. History and stories to see and listen to, to feel and enjoy. Inland mountains and valleys, which are waiting for you to reconnect with your roots. From here, in the middle of Via Künig, you can enjoy the path, or your own path.

    In Becerreá, the “Porta de Ancares”, in a privileged situation, with views of the mountains, our homes (your homes) await you, so you can enjoy your free time.


Enlaces informativos:

“”Travelling, sleeping, falling in love are three invitations to the same thing. Three ways of going to places that we don’t always understand.”

Ángeles Mastretta